Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday 14th May 2009

So tonight is the first weigh in on my new regime! Have been doing weight watchers so long now that I should really be a size 8 and an expert!!

I had a sneaky peak at the sclaes at lunchtime and it says I've stayed the same but I should know by now that my scales are not accurate to the scales at my meeting. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and I have lost.

I have worked out that I have to lose 2lb a week between now and Christmas to get to my goal weight of 10st 6.5lbs which will mean that I will have lost exactly 6 stone!

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  1. Good luck Liz on your first week! I had exactly 6 stone to lose as well!
    I am now 13 wks in and 18lbs down with 4lbs until my 10% :)
    Don't you be having anymore sneaky peaks lol xx