Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A new start!

Had a couple of weeks off - put on 5.5lbs annd then lost 4lb - but tonight my friend and I who I clerk with at the ww meeting on a Thursday have decided to be normal members at another meeting with the view that this will then spur us on to great weight losses!!! With being a clerk you don't really get to sit and listen to the meeting as there is always late members who want to buy goodies!! I do try to listen and take it in but it doesn't always work. This way, with going to a different meeting, I can sit and listen and take it all in and feel like I'm doing something positive. Then, on a Thursday I can concentrate on doing the shop and not have to worry about missing something! I'm hoping for a loss tonight but with it being one day less and with having had a VERY boozy Saturday night I will be happy with a STS!
We had a get together on Saturday to watch the Britain's Got Talent final and omg the black Russians (tia maria, vodka and diet coke) went down like water!!!! I have not been that drunk in a very long time and I totally suffered for it on Sunday!! It also gave me the munchies which was not good! Oh and apparently I rang my Mum and Dad and made a fool of myself and text some people that I probably shouldn't have!!! Lesson learnt - won't be doing that again!! Anyway what will be will be and I hope to have a good result on the scales tonight and rest assured if it's a really good result I won't be celebrating with a black Russian!!

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